Pad Printing on all kinds of promotional items Technique, Laser Marking and Co2 Laser Marking technique is to process the desired text and logo.

Products applied on the text, images, and logos are permanent, sharp detail, vivid color and is smooth. The products in question are not to be deformed. Company-specific designs are being made.

A single color or multi-color available. Pens, lighters, key chains, straps, textile accessories and their applications in many fields including Promotional Printing is available in our examples can be seen in our company.

Pad printing cliché, transfer and printing phase consists of three stages:

1. Cliche stage: the image on the print buffer cliché approaching inked by the ink reservoir.

2. Transfer phase: Print buffer inking and printing the logo is from the stereotype of the product to be approached.

3. Printing step: Print buffer, necessary for the correct transfer of the logo so as to apply the amount of pressure transmitted to the print object.
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